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Update 2016/03/15
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To see this 3D picture - Please use red/cyan anaglyphic glasses


Here are some of my freeware utilities to download.

SaveClipBoard - Scbd.ZipNouveau

Utilities for Windows - AutoSave of Screen Capture
Work under Windows XP - Windows Vista - 7,8,10.

The program will save to disk any image or text present in the clipboard.
Use is very simple:
"Auto" mode
- will remember Location on disk - File type
-  and will Auto increment the names
- otherwise you can choose manually all the parameters.

Usefull keys:
[Prt Scr] = Print Screen: copy to the clipboard all teh screen.
[Alt] + [Prt Scr] ou [Alt] + [Imp Ecr] : copy to the clipboard only the focused window. 

StarMax version 2.5.15 
Starmax is an Easy StarTrails Creator..

Registax RSP files updater to be used if original files (AVI & RSP) are moved from original location.

You may download Registax here:

More on my French pages..


Free software to sort and organize StereoPairs

Free Software to build Stereo Pictures.

Free Software to digitalize Stereo Pictures.

More on my French pages..

Mail and User Help

Please, If you download these Softwares, let me know if you liked them via email

Join us...

AstroStereo is a mailing list opened for every people interest with Astronomy, Stereoscopy and Numerical photography. You will find: Help, How to, Questions...
StarMax, StereoVue, StereoScan Users will find new versions.

Note: AstroStereo is a French language mailing list, but Feel free to join us and write in English, we will translate.

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